AD Connect - User is synchronized as contact, not mailbox in Exchange Office 365

We recently set up AD Connect for an Active Directory that have previously been synchronized with a different Office 365 tenant. The company was merging with another company and wanted to consolidate on a single Office 365 tenant. Setup went fine and all users were synchronized, but a subset of users were synchronized as mail contacts, and did not get a mailbox provisioned despite being licensed correctly. When we checked Mail Setting on the user object in Microsoft Office 365 Admin Center we got a warning: The user mailbox haven’t been migrated yet.

Create a Ticket in Autotask using a Powershell module

With our new PowerShell module for Autotask it is a lot easier to create a ticket in Autotask from automated scripts than before. Let us compare the old and the new way. This is how you had to do it if you created a WebServiceProxy object in PowerShell:

Finally an Autotask PowerShell module

It has been quite a while since last I posted an article here. But now I feel I really have something useful to share. A colleague and I have written and published an Autotask PowerShell module. You can find it on PowerShell Gallery. The code is published on Github.

Create a Ticket in Autotask using Powershell

UPDATE: I have published an updated version of this article based on our new PowerShell module for Autotask.

A better QueryXML function for Autotask WebAPI

I was never happy with my previous QueryXML function. It had a hard limit on how many conditions you could use and there was no way to nest conditions. So I have wre-written it from scratch to make it a bit more powerful and flexible.